Bruin takes up the challenge! Well hello there! I’ve been asked by my lovely friends at the National Trust to take part in their ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4′. Technically, in human years I’m about 30 something but bears never grow up really (just like some humans) so I’m keen to take to the great Norfolk outdoors, enjoy classic adventures and see how many brilliant things I can get to do.

Bruin, Our Norfolk, Family FunLots of things on the list you could do as a family activity yourselves. But I’m going to try to do things at the 7 participating National Trust properties in Norfolk as they’ll be lots of people about to lend me a paw! Butterflies conkers and blackberries will have to wait but that’s half the fun! One of the 50 things is tracking wild animals!! I don’t think they mean Barnaby, my brother! Here we are climbing though not strictly TREE climbing, so I can’t tick that one just yet! Another is run around in the rain, perhaps Paddington will let me borrow his Wellingtons? You too can join in. Sign up on the 50 things website to get the list, create a personal explorer account, earn ‘rewards’. The National Trust has a list for you to print to keep score.

We did this!

1 Climb a tree – bears are great tree climbers so because of my obvious ex(b)eartese I was allowed to carefully climb a magnificent magnolia!
2 Roll down a really big hill – I just went ‘limp’ and down I went! Was a bit dizzy when I finished but soon recovered!
14 Dam a stream – this was tricky as I don’t like getting my fur wet! I went to Spout Hills in Holt. The water tried to go around my ‘dam’! I dismantled it as I wanted to get on with no. 19!
16 Make a daisy chain – now this IS difficult, as I have large paws! I wanted to try buttercups, but they were really difficult to make a slit in their stems, so I went for daisies and anyways, I thought it best to keep to the list! Sarah helped me. I wore them on my head but I looked like a ‘girl’ so I put them around my neck and pretended I was the Mayor of Holt!
19 Play Pooh sticks – I LOVE playing this game! Spout Hills has two bridges so we call it ‘double dare bear sticks’! I challenged Sarah to best of 3. I won the first go but lost the second. The third and decider? Both our sticks got stuck (!!) under the second bridge! If you go, they’re probably still there.
20 Jump over waves – I was held hovering just above the water and ‘pretended’ to jump them – I think it’s ok for bears who are not that keen on getting their fur wet to pretend? It was still really good fun!
22 Explore inside a tree – this tree had a big hole out of it’s trunk – I climbed right in!
31 Hunt for bugs – Jo at Blickling gave me a collectors pot complete with magnifying glass so I can spy my catch! This spider was very happy for me to view him. I still have him. He’s plastic! Ha! Fooled you!
32 Find some frogspawn – I was allowed to carefully ‘dredge’ Blickling’s ornamental pond for spawn but we didn’t find any! We ‘found’ lots from the great vantage point of a bridge, looking down into a boggy area. I eventually caught some at Spout Hills Holt. They were very wiggly! And very happy to be set free from their temporary plastic bucket prison!
41 Plant it grow it eat it! – Given some carrots to grow in a bag by Blickling Jo. Gave these to Lewis (aged 3) and Isla (aged 2) to plant, photo and report on progress and taste! Also planted some French Beans in Sarah’s allotment plot shed.

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