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  1. Emma White says:

    Hi Sarah

    I wondered if Bruin may like to visit our Fun Day on 26th August at the Playpark on the Cromer Road in Sheringham? We are raising funds to revamp the playpark which is in dire need of attention, this will be our first official fund raising event. There will be lots to do….bouncy castles, donkey rides, penalty shootout, a book sale, BBQ, cakes and refreshments, crafts and lots more….

    You can read more about our Fun Day and the project on our Facebook page:


    We’d love to see you there!

    Sheringham Playpark Revamp

    • ournorfolk says:

      Hello Emma
      we’d love to visit the Fun Day but not sure yet if we may be required in Hampshire at parents.
      We saw you in the EDP last week and we’ll put out your day on our site by way of Twitter/Facebook.
      We will let you know ahead of Saturday, Bruin is quite partial to bouncy castles and donkey rides!!
      Lots of great photo opportunities!

  2. Margaret Brooker says:

    Hello there. A couple of weeks ago my friend Maggie visited Lizzie’s exhibition at Blickling, and was both impressed and inspired by it. She wanted to purchase a calendar but – oh no ! – didn’t have any money with her. Are they still available? If they are, please put one aside and I will collect it from Blickling for her. Yours in hope,


    • ournorfolk says:

      Hello MB
      The apple has just been won! (the treasure hunt they ran in conjunction with the Lizzie Riches exhibition)
      Can you tell me what the calendar was about and I’ll do some sleuthing – was it a NT production or something to do with the exhibition which was run by the Red Dot Gallery Holt?

  3. jason bean says:

    These strange shaped, rounded mammals that lay on the end of Blakeney Point have to be one of the most popular animals on the coast! I am talking obviously about the Seals!!
    Thousands of people come each year to have a look, take a photo or 50, and generally be amused by these quite lovable creatures!!
    The season now extends throughout the year!, yes even in winter the brave passengers come wrapped up warm ready for the boat trip that is by far the best way to see them! We will generally always see some the question is how many! The Grey & Common seals live together but don’t actually interbreed so we have common seal pups in the summer and Grey’s in the winter. Its really great to see the passengers faces when they see the seals for the first time as we round the corner of the Point. It’s a great job, every day is different as you never know what you may see!
    More info is on the website please have a look and hopefully will see you soon

  4. Anita says:

    Hi, I am visiting family over Christmas with my two young
    Children and looking for something Christmassy to do on
    Christmas Eve, whilst getting some good Norfolk
    fresh air! Could u recommend anything?
    Many Thanks

    • ournorfolk says:

      Hello Anita – whereabouts are you based in Norfolk? Have you ever taken a boat out to see the seals? Fresh air indeed! 1.30 on 24th (they sail with the high tide). Take a pocketfull of sweets and ask the boatmen anything about seals, birds, The Point, Bruin’s reported on it in Family Fun. Let me know where you’ll be based and I’ll report back again….. Sarah

  5. Anita says:

    Hi Sarah,
    We have done the seal trip which was amazing but have a fidgety four year old…! Are there any particular Christmassy walks you could recommend (followed by a toasty hot Choc stop! )
    Thank you 🙂

    • ournorfolk says:

      There’s lots, whereabouts are you based? Sarah

    • ournorfolk says:

      Toasty hot chocolate is easy – make it Byfords. A bowlfull of hot choc with/without whipped cream on top & a Byfords mince pie, in their V festively decorated cosy cafe, followed by a walk around Holt looking at the twinkly white fairy lights/big Christmas trees. As for a walk, try Spout Hills (see its story online under NATURE) you can have a Xmas Pooh Sticks competition, or Pensthorpe (again, see story online) with its daily 4pm lit feed (I think Santa lends a hand). Or try to spot deer in Holkham Park (a bit like reindeer!) there’s a nature walk around their lake to do as well.

  6. Anita says:

    In Bale so those are all good ideas, just fingers crossed now for some crisp but dry weather 🙂 thank you!

  7. Mary Walsh says:

    Hi Sarah
    Love the website !
    I have met you in Larners car park before . We have a Morris same as yours called Gutsy
    To see her in all her glory have a little look at our website http://www.whitehousefarmholt.co.uk
    Best wishes Mary

    • ournorfolk says:

      Hello Mary and GUT
      yes, I remember you as you are also Trafalgar Blue like Nelson! Glad you like the site, you’re welcome to submit or suggest content to add to it – it is Our Norfolk!

  8. Gallery Plus, Wells-next-the-sea says:

    Hi there,

    We fully appreciate that you’re not a commercial site, but we wondered if your readers might be interested a couple of exhibitions by two local artists we have coming up at our Wells gallery this year…

    Saturday 20 July – Sunday 4 August
    This exhibition will feature new work from our regular print artists and will celebrate HJ Jackson’s 60th year of print making – this is his only gallery exhibition this year. He’ll be here at the preview on Saturday 20th July to chat to and will also be demonstrating, so do come and join us – this is one exhibition not to be missed!
    Saturday 17 August – Sunday 1 September
    Trevor Woods – “London”
    Trevor will be holding his annual exhibition here, and expects to have his ‘enormous’ London panoramic painting completed as the show-stopper (you can follow its progress on his Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/trevor.woods.contemporary.art) along with lots of recognisable – and a few unexpected – London scenes. Look out for Boris Bikes!
    In the meantime we have a mixed exhibition featuring all of our gallery artists. More details at http://www.gallery-plus.co.uk and http://www.facebook.com/galleryplus.wells
    Thanks so much. Now off to find you on Facebook!

  9. teucer says:

    hello there – I stumbled on your website and wondered if you’d be interested in my exhibition in Salthouse in May – it’s called ‘engrained voices’ and is a collaboration with Hugh Lupton (storyteller). The shows all about Norfolk Folk Tales and is a series of carved inscriptions………….www.engrainedvoices.com will tell you more. ALL THE BEST

    • ournorfolk says:

      Hello Teucer! Your website looked so familliar – it’s because I’ve photographed the sign at Salthouse presumably taken from Domesday records and presumably carved by you?!? There’s so much to take in – I think suffice to say that under The Arts at Our Norfolk, I’d love a 400 word story submission (+ 3 or 4 images of course please) about your craft & Hugh’s work, keeping to a Norfolk theme of course in whatever subject matter you choose to highlight. I can then add links to your exhibition site, both of your individual websites and Hugh’s new book. Perhaps you’d like to give me a call to discuss? Have you discovered our weekly e-postcard featuring the top 5 things to do for the week ahead? An text image of yours would make a great e-postcard image of the week and when the story’s on the site, you would then be at No. 1 under your image and if the reader clicks on this, they get sent to your story online. Thanks for finding Our Norfolk – The Arts category is a particularly well-read one.

  10. Viktor Wynd says:

    hello, love your blog, just trying to spread the word in Norfolk about our Midsummer Night’s Ball & Garden party at Houghton Hall on 22nd June http://www.wyndstock.org – any help much appreciated

    • ournorfolk says:

      Thank you Victor, please do send any press releases through as we can share them across Facebook/Twitter. Any posh car boot sale this year? Went a couple or three years ago and it was brilliant, regretted not purchasing two Middle Eastern occasional tables!

  11. Thordis says:


    My other half spotted you in the Minor Matters magazine…we’re both Morris Minor drivers and I’m also a producer at BBC Radio Norfolk. Had anyone from the station been in touch about doing something about Our Norfolk?

    All the best,


    • ournorfolk says:

      Hello Thordis
      many thanks for getting in touch with Nelson, myself and Our Norfolk! What is your MM called? I was invited to talk about travel guides last May when Our Norfolk first launched by Chris Goreham, this I did by phone interview. I was also called in to the studio by Nick Conrad soon after, to which I brought him a ‘basket of Our Norfolk’ – things from our county that related to content on the site (props for me in case I got stuck for words and gifts for him!). We would love to have the chance to be featured on BBC Radio Norfolk again – I did suggest to Nick that we could do an OB in Nelson somewhere topical – picking asparagus or strawberries or sitting on Morston Staithe. Sort of a ‘out and about with Nelson and Our Norfolk’ feature – I’m just the designated driver! Have you seen the elegant Wells Traveller (coffee coloured) that spins down to Salthouse on a Sunday? There’s also a graceful blue saloon who I think dressmakes for the classy Old Town outfitters here in Holt. I’ll close by saying that we’d all collectively love to do something further on the BBC! Many thanks – Sarah! (and Nelson) (and Bruin, the trust bear blog-writer for family fun!)

  12. Pam Finn says:

    Do you have a feedback link?

    • ournorfolk says:

      Hello Pam
      you should be able to leave any feedback below any particular story, or under ‘contact’ link at the top of the homepage. Alternatively, please contact me at info@ournorfolk.org.uk with any feedback you wish to give. Thank you. Sarah.

  13. Daisy says:

    I love the photos of Salthouse from the 26th April. I’ve had many happy holidays there with my dog Saffy. Salthouse holds the most special place in my heart and I miss it with a passion, so thank you for these pictures, they take me back to such happy days. One day I hope to go back there.
    I love reading all your postings from Norfolk!
    Kind regards,

    • ournorfolk says:

      Thank you for contacting Our Norfolk, Daisy. We agree, Salthouse is a really special place. Keep tuning in to us on Facebook for all our latest ramblings!

  14. Richard Crook says:

    Have you seen any of the Active Fakenham activities? http://www.activefakenham.org.uk or FB/Twitter. We are doing a “Get Active in Fakenham Week” 16th to 24th Aug. Part of this will be a “Fakenham Activity Passport”

    Just wondered if there may be any synergy.

    07887 803091

  15. David Bull says:


    May I make a mention of the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios which is running from 24th May to 8th June? I don’t think I’ve seen it on Our Norfolk so just in case:-

    Artists across the region are opening their studios to visitors. There is a huge range of artistic media to look at from painting, to sculpture, to patchwork to jewellery. Guide books can be found in many hotels, libraries, pubs etc. and the website will give you more details http://www.nnopenstudios.org.uk

    Visitors are welcome to come and look at what local artists are doing and, of course, take a piece home with them!

    Hope to see you

    David (Cley next the Sea, ‘Stone, Paint and Charcoal’)

  16. KATIE MILLARD says:

    Hi Sarah
    Come and visit us at Burnham Overy Staithe between July 15th and August 22nd. We are a professional artists and makers group who have been exhibiting there for 24 years now. Each year we support a charity and this year it is the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, and the money is going towards the marshes along the coast which suffered so much in the tidal surge earlier this year. We are called the Norfolk Arts Exhibition and entry is free between 10.30 – 5 each day. Regards Katie Millard (artist)

  17. Robert Howard says:

    Hello Sarah

    Have you visited Holt Antique Furniture (slightly confusingly, located in Little Walsingham)? Robin Dunkley, the owner is entertaining and knowledgeable and both he and his extraordinary stock are always worth popping in to see. He has just opened a larger showroom in the old mill in the village car park. Cheers, Rob

    • ournorfolk says:

      hello Robert
      thank you for letting us know, I know the Mill building, it’s huge and has been vacant for some time.

  18. Bill Kerr says:

    Hi Sarah,

    We are new to The National Garden Scheme and are opening our garden for charity for the first time this August Bank holiday weekend. I wondered if you might like to visit and feature the garden? It’s a bit different from the usual and quite quirky! Imagine Norfolk Coast meets Tropical meets rural decay and rust – that will give you some idea! We are open August 23,24,25 11am to 5pm.
    Hope to see you!


    Bill kerr

  19. Sr Francis says:

    Swaffham is holding the Anniversary of 800 years as a Market Town on Saturday and Sunday 18th / 19th July. Pupils of Sacred Heart School have made a Swaffham Qr Town Trail of historical sites and famous people associated with the town. The Qr codes are clearly visible in the town. Pick up a free trail map and either walk the trail or make a virtual tour from the comfort of your arm chair using your mobile phone.

  20. Marie Reynolds says:

    Hi, I would be interested in joining your passport scheme. I am opening up a new practice in Reepham next to The Dial House. Here are me websites http://www.mariereynoldslondon.com http://www.noeticrecovery.com

    Thank you

    Marie ;0)

  21. Michele Evans says:


    Can I register my passport on line or do I have to post the completed section of the card to you?

    Many Thanks

  22. Jayne Gittins says:

    could I please advise you of a change of email address. My old address was;
    jgittins1805@btinternet.com, it is now j@jaynegittins.plus.com,
    many thanks,
    Jayne Gittins

  23. Hannah Dryland says:

    As visitor experience manager at RSPB Strumpshaw Fen I would like to provide content for your site around upcoming events and great nature sitings on our reserves in the mid Yare valley. Please could you let me know if this is possible and how i submit information.

    • Lesley van Dijk says:

      Hi Hannah

      How are you? Feel free to submit an article about the Fen and photos. Please keep to a bout 350-400 words and provide a link to the website, and the name of the author.

      I can load it up and publish it. Please email your article and pics to

      Best wishes

      Editor of Our Norfolk

  24. Carol Chilvers says:


    I’ve lost my passport to Norfolk docs and need the passport number. Could you reissue please.
    Thank you

  25. Jean Hollick says:

    I have had a passport for a long time but for some reason do not receive the weekly emails anymore. I have not changed my email address so can only assume that this is an oversight. Can you please add my email address to you mailing list.


    Many thanks,
    Jean Hollick

  26. Lesley van Dijk says:

    Dear A B Butterworth, please email your old email and new email to info@ournorfolk.org.uk


    Editor of Our Norfolk

  27. Peter D says:

    Hi there, we like your passport, we love Norfolk. We keep forgetting to take our passport. Do your partners accept a good quality photo on our smart phone?
    An app could be interesting one day maybe??

    • Lesley van Dijk says:

      Hi Peter

      Thanks for your message and your suggestion. For now the passport needs scanning but an app may well be the future.

      Many thanks

      Our Norfolk Editor

  28. Mark Oakland says:

    Not intended as criticism but your email renders very poorly in Safari on my iPhone in landscape with lots of overlaid text and misplaced links.
    The linked image for Byfords Chocolate evening takes you to a members only Facebook page which is not very friendly to non-subscribers.

    How about a page for member’s Our Norfolk pictures. Or is it only possible with a full article? You would build up site content very quickly and increase traffic and involvement considerably.

    Mark Oakland

    • Lesley van Dijk says:

      Hi Mark

      Thanks for your comments which are always welcome! I will mention it to our IT colleague. I’m not sure what do you mean with a page for pictures for members? I assume this is in regards to the weekly Postcard?

      Many thanks


  29. Andrew says:


    Loving the latest post on Facebook about the Rhododendrons – Sandringham always has a beautiful display of these! I know Our Norfolk is not designed to be ‘commercial’, but should you feature anything on King’s Lynn or West Norfolk, please take a look at our website / Facebook page / Twitter. We think we offer something rather quirky! Many thanks.




  30. Lesley van Dijk says:

    Hi Gordon

    Thanks for the event details. I will get back to you shortly.

    Best wishes


  31. Bill Adlington says:

    Hello, I couldn’t find any info on the Fakenham Gasworks on your site. Is that something you might include in the future.

  32. Lesley van Dijk says:

    Hi Gordon

    We had a full postcard already but I hope you had a great evening!


  33. Hannah Brewster says:

    Hi we are going to Norfolk for a long weekend in July for my cousin’s wedding at Hocker House & I just wondered if the passport is valid to use Friday – Sunday? Also how long it takes to arrive? Thank you 🙂

    • Lesley van Dijk says:

      Hi Hannah, yes you can use it every day of the week. The Assembly House in Norwich is nearby or the Dial House in Reepham would make a lovely trip. You should receive the Passport within a week.

      Have a great time!


  34. Sue Harris says:

    I think I am signed up to the Passport but I cannot find it. I receive regular emails from you. I am hoping to stay at Byfords in August and understand I could receive a discount. Can you help please

  35. Liz Jones says:

    Hello, Our Norfolk,
    Can I put your write-up about Norfolk samphire on our website, i will acknowledge your website and put its web address as well?
    We are http://www.thesmellyalleyfishcompany.co.uk
    we are selling Norfolk samphire at the moment
    Best wishes,

  36. Mary Wade says:

    I have a passport but do not get the emails anymore for events etc. Please add me to your list

  37. Mandy Walden says:

    Hello ,could you please add our event? I would like to send you some images but can’t see where to add them? Many thanks.

    The 21st Norwich Print Fair
    An Exhibition of Artists’ Original Prints

    St. Margaret’s Church Gallery
    St. Benedict’s Street, Norwich

    Monday 5th to Saturday 17th September 2016

    Open 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday

    Open Portfolio Days – Saturday 10th and Saturday 17th

    Sunday 11th – 11am to 4pm Printmakers in Action – Artists demonstrating their techniques

    Admission Free

    Now celebrating its 21st year the Norwich Print Fair once again brings together some of Norfolk and Suffolk’s finest printmakers, displaying a wide variety of hand-made print techniques.
    Winner of the 2015 Norfolk Arts Award-Hy Kerzner ‘Arts Entrepreneur’ the Norwich Print Fair remains the largest independent selling show of its kind in East Anglia and all within the unique setting of an historic Norwich church.

    The Norwich Print Fair was founded to showcase the talent and craft that goes into contemporary printmaking. It champions traditional methods such as mezzotint, etching, linocutting and wood engraving, and showcases many new techniques.From its inception, it has sought to inform and inspire audiences regarding the processes behind the creation of original prints.

    On Saturday 10th and Saturday 17th September all of the artists will be present, displaying extra work, sketchbooks and printing plates to illustrate their varying techniques. The atmosphere is informal and friendly and everyone is happy to answer questions about their work – no matter how technical! Always a popular way to spend the day!

    The middle Sunday, 11th September, will once again be focused on ’Printmakers in Action’, with a rare chance for the public to observe artists at work, producing original prints. Discover how the various plates are made and printed, from screenprints to linocuts, mezzotints, etchings and collagraphs. With the chance to see the prints emerging from the presses, this day,and indeed the whole fair, promise to be a real treat and one not to be missed!
    for more information visit http://www.norwichprintfair.co.uk

  38. Mandy Walden says:

    I would like to send you some images too but the email address that has been passed on to me is being refused! Could you contact me please with a correct one? Thank you@ Mandy

  39. Ann Cuthbert says:

    Hello Lesley, I have sent an email to your regarding a forthcoming talk and hope this will be of interest. Please contact me if you would like any further information.

    Stow Bedon’s Indian Prince H.H. Frederick Victor Duleep Singh (Prince Freddy).

    Saturday 12th November 2016 2.30 p.m.
    St Margaret’s Church, Breckles, NR17 1ES

    A talk by Peter Bance, Historian on the Last Maharaja of the Punjab and the Duleep Singh family.
    Prince Frederick was a devout Christian and was instrumental in saving several Norfolk Churches.
    In 1906 Frederick took up residence at Breckles Cottage (renaming it Breckles House), Stow Bedon as a tenant of Charles Bateman Hanbury. He was often referred to locally as “The Black Prince”. Prince Frederick lived at Breckles House until 1909, when he secured a long lease for the larger Blo’ Norton Hall, where he spent the rest of his life until he died in 1926.
    The fascinating history of the Last Maharaja of the Punjab and his children is detailed in two books written and compiled by historian Peter Bance Sovereign, Squire and Rebel Maharaja Duleep Singh and The Duleep Singhs, the Photograph Album of Queen Victoria’s Maharaja .
    In this, the 90th anniversary year of Prince Frederick’s death, we are extremely fortunate to announce that Peter Bance who has written and lectured extensively on the Duleep Singh Family will be giving at talk at St Margaret’s Church, Breckles at 2.30 pm on Saturday 12th November.
    Copies of Peter Bance’s books will be available for those wishing to buy a copy and he will be signing copies after the talk.
    Tickets at £5 are limited. Please telephone to reserve a ticket as soon as possible:
    Karen Allen 01953 498 408
    Ann Cuthbert 01953 483 128

  40. J Dixon says:

    Hello I couldn’t find a telephone number to call so am e mailing with the hope you will reply. I have a £50.00 voucher to spend but have just phoned Cley smokehouse and they don’t take them there although they are part of your food and drink section. How and where can I spend this please?

    • Lesley van Dijk says:

      Hello Jackie
      You can spend it at the Pigs, the Dial House, the Assembly House, Byfords and King’s Head in Holt. In the cafe, restaurants and Byfords shop.

      If you have any special requests, please email the Byfords team at queries@byfords.org.uk

      Best wishes

      Lesley, ON editor

  41. Jason Borthwick says:

    Deepdale Conservation Weekend


    I wondered if any of your readers would be interested in joining us for the Deepdale Conservation Weekend at Deepdale Farm on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast?

    We welcome volunteers twice a year (November & February) to help us restore the woodland and surrounding land for wildlife.  Volunteers receive free accommodation and most of their meals.

    Lots more information is available on our website at: http://www.deepdalebackpackers.co.uk/events/indevent.asp?EventID=1853172863


    Jason Borthwick

  42. Mary Able says:

    Candlelit Concert of Christmas Choral music in beautiful Wighton Village Church near Wells. Given by Coro Stellante. 27th November at 6pm. Tickets £10 on the door. Bar opens at 7pm.
    We are raising money to add to our Heritage Lottery fund grant for the second phase of repairs to the roof.
    Would you please give this a plug in your web site?
    Many thanks

  43. M Lunn says:

    Stiffkey Period Lighting shop in Stiffkey is now closed, Please remove from your website. Many thanks

  44. Robert Williamson says:

    Where can I get some good Norfolk black flint? I would love to buy some to make flint and steel firestarting kits for period re-enactments..

    I live in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada

    Thank you.

  45. J Woolmer says:

    are there any establishments in Norwich which accept your vouchers ???????????

  46. Ben says:


    I was wondering if our business would be suitable to register with you; we work with some great local venues and predominantly serve Norfolk.

    Best wishes

  47. Mrs J Rains says:

    I applied for a passport in November while dining at the Dial House. I was told I would shortly receive and email and then emails informing me of news regarding the passport. I have so far had nothing from whomever deals with new passport.
    Name ; Mrs J Rains
    passport No: 067202

    I will be wanting to use my passport this weekend .

  48. Jennifer Birch says:

    Hi – Have registered but the activation was not received in mailbox.

  49. jenni wright says:

    I am not your website I fill in all the details but when I press sign at the end it doesn’t do anything??
    Please can you help me


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